Our approach

We team up with start-ups and enterprise companies to create mobile apps with top-notch experiences.

Among the services we provide, you can find:

Product Strategy & Definition: We work closely with you to bring your ideas to life, setting clear goals and a roadmap for success.

MVP Development: We build a Minimum Viable Product to test your concept, get market feedback, and refine your idea.

UI/UX Design: Our talented designers craft intuitive and engaging interfaces, making sure your app is a joy to use.

Mobile Development: We develop top-notch mobile apps, ensuring they perform well and scale with your needs.

Backend Development: Our solid backend solutions keep your app running smoothly, securely, and efficiently.

Full Testing and QA: We thoroughly test your app to make sure it’s flawless and free of bugs.

Product Launch to the Market: We help you launch your app successfully, making a big splash in the market.

Product Growth and Post-Release Support: We’re here for the long haul, providing updates and enhancements to keep your app thriving and competitive.

Steps we follow when developing a mobile application with you

Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Apart from understanding your needs, we want to make sure that you’re 100% comfortable when it comes to discussing your vision with us, as well as ideas on how you’d like your product to look, feel and perform. Open communication and trust is always a great starting point.

Discussing your idea and brand identity

Before we start writing any code, we want to make sure that we understand who is your target audience and what are your goals with this product. Having a clear vision helps us make better decisions once we enter the design process.

We work together with you in order to define and build a solid plan, which usually implies designing mocks, flow diagrams and even low fidelity wireframes. These steps save hours, days, and weeks in design and development later on.

Furthermore, if you already have a working app, we’ll explore creative ways to improve it.

Estimating development costs and a timeframe

Now that we have a clear understanding of the product, we can provide you with a timeframe. At this point, every step of the app’s development process will be broken down into small tasks, with hour estimates attached to them. The total number of hours will help us give you a rough production cost estimate and a tentative delivery date.

Contract signing

By having a clear vision on the timeframe and budget, there’s only one step left before the actual coding starts: signing the contract. At this point, you are already aware of every detail and the development process can begin.

Product development

We start by designing the architecture, this way we make sure that all design features are supported and new changes can be integrated at minimum costs. When working, we focus on delivering clean and scalable code, and we always keep the user experience in mind. 

The development process is agile, and we have a close and effective collaboration with you, the client, while we iterate on the defined specifications. We share our progress with clients every two weeks, and this way, getting feedback for each iteration is beneficial for both sides.

QA Testing

Each feature is tested and we make sure to check every possible scenario that the user might face when navigating the app. Testing and development go hand-in-hand until the development phase ends.

When development is completed, we retest the project completely.

Releasing your app into the market

This is the moment we’re all been waiting for! Your clients and customers can now get their hands on the app on Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS). Besides offering support with the release, we can provide you with metric and analytical tools, which can:

  • help you better understand how users use the product
  • detect if they encounter any issues
  • showcase how they navigate through the app’s screens
  • analyze the overall performance of the app (loading time, responsiveness, etc.)

Studying these interactions can lead to better business decisions, therefore more revenue.

Post-release support

By having insights and metrics collected after the app was released, we can further improve the app. This makes users feel like you’re listening to their feedback and their needs are being met, which ultimately leads to more usage and engagement within the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

The final cost depends a lot on various factors like complexity (number of features, UI/UX elements and more), plus extra components that need to be integrated (Machine Learning,  support, and more).

Yes. An NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is signed before we exchange any details about your product.

Yes, in most cases after the specifications of the project are defined, our UI/UX designer will implement some mockup screens to get a confirmation from you that the app looks as expected.

Yes. Our team of senior developers has experience in creating A to Z software solutions, covering both front end and back end.

Our collaboration does not end after the product is delivered. We partnered with srd-media, a professional Digital Agency that provides full-stack digital marketing services to help you grow your app. Together we can make your mobile app easily discoverable and more efficient. Our experience with them has always been positive and we’re always keen to collaborate.

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