SMS Gateway it’s an Android mobile application that sends automatic messages. It can be use for marketing SMS campaigns, important reminders, code validations, or other similar use cases.

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Project Highlights

The goal of this platform was to create an in-house SMS management platform that could be used for multiple purposes.

In this case, it is used to reduce call center support and keep users informed in real time about the current status of their bookings (accepted, rejected, etc). It can also be used for marketing campaigns, such as sending special offer details, happy hour promos, etc.

02Our Work

The Android app was created from scratch, and the main features are:

  • communication with Bookingham’s server, which implies subscribing to different channels in order to receive notifications with data
  • parse notification’s data, compose the message and verify the phone number
  • send SMS
  • fall-back strategy, where the app would send an email&SMS to a particular number if something went wrong and the message could not be delivered
  • listen for notifications 24/7

The Result

On one hand, the app decreased Bookingham’s cost of SMS services by 66%, compared to a similar service they were using previously, Twilio.

On the other hand, it gave them full control of their SMS services, and when you’re a booking company that also does advertising for their clients (restaurants, medical clinics, barber shops, beauty salons etc.), having an in-house system gives you flexibility and lots of benefits.

I’ve worked together with Gabriel on developing the mobile apps for the Bookingham platform where I worked on the API component. I can honestly recommend him for his client-oriented mindset, always trying to drive the applications to be user-friendly and with real added value. He was also on top of the technical challenges that came along with integrating the different technologies, platforms and our chosen deployment model.

Adrian Borz

Adrian Borz

Co-Founder, Bookingham

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