Robotic arm - Data collecting app

We worked closely with the client’s team to rewrite and redesign an app that collects data from a robot and stores it in a database, enabling analysis and reporting.


Project Highlights

The apps (Android and iOS) let users manage a list of robots. The users can connect to the robots to collect data, which is then sent to a MongoDB database. After analysis, a report is generated with all the details about the robot(s).

The data collection process involves several steps:

  1. Identifying the robot on the network
  2. Verifying certain criteria
  3. Connecting to the robot and collecting the data
  4. Saving the data to the database

Our Work

We worked together with Accenture’s team of software developers to rewrite and integrate the mobile apps from the ground up, incorporating:

Rewriting the Old Application

Developed according to the new design.

Connecting to MongoDB 

Set up a secure connection to the MongoDB database.

MongoDB Authentication Module

Integrated an authentication module for MongoDB.

Integrating the Data Collection Library

Implemented a library for connecting to and collecting data from robots.

Data Collection and Storage

Collecting and storing data efficiently in the MongoDB database.

Application Functionality

Enabled employees to create three types of cases: maintenance, breakfix, and analysis, each with a list of associated robots. Robots can be added or removed as needed. For each robot or list of robots, the application collects data, sends it to the MongoDB database, and generates detailed reports after analysis.


Client's feedback

We are working together with Ithuba mostly on Accenture’s mobile development programs. During these years their agile team became our reliable partner. The team is full of professionals, always giving us their best with a good flavor of flexibility which is always important for us.

Batizan-Toth, Gergo

Batizan-Toth, Gergo

Head of Mobile & UX @ Industry X, Accenture

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