ExtendLite it’s a native Android application that extends the functionality of an ERP in operational areas.

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Project Highlights

ExtendLite it's a lighter version of ExtendPro, an app that extends the functionality of an ERP in operational areas. The Android application allows users, based on a preloaded article nomenclature, to process articles for the following activities:

  • Reception
  • Inventory
  • Customer orders
  • Supplier orders
  • Delivery & articles transfer

The identification of an item can be done automatically, by scanning the item's barcode, or manually, from a list of search results.

Barcode scanning can be performed with:

  • the built-in barcode scanner for professional mobile equipment
  • a barcode scanner connected via Bluetooth for mobile phones or tablets
  • the device's camera, in the case of phones or tablets

The recorded data can be saved directly in dedicated work folders on the server, by connecting to a Windows PC, or by email, in a format that is compatible and can be imported into the ERP (WinMentor or WinMentor Enterprise).

02Our Work

We had to write the Android app from scratch using Logicode’s design mocks. During the development phase, we kept our communication channels open and we iterate over some features that improved the flows and the overall User Experience of the app a lot.

ExtendLite includes features like:

  • License activation
  • Importing/exporting data via e-mail or by communicating with a Windows PC
  • Data synchronization
  • Data processing
  • Barcode data scanning with the camera
  • Secure communication

The Result

ExtendLite it's an easy to use and intuitive product that helps many businesses to process, manage and handle their articles stocks in production.

The owner of the app, Logicode, is continuously working to improve the product in order to offer their customers a tool that makes their work easier, saves precious them time and is also cost effective.

Long-term business relationships are built only through partnership approaches. It’s a pleasure to work with the Ithuba team because they share many of the same attributes that we value at Logicode: to make available to our customers the best products, to be constantly close to the needs of our clients, to provide adequate solutions, to be a solid team of professionals. I can say about Ithuba that they are a PARTNER.

Marinau Alin

Marinau Alin

Head of Sales&Marketing, Logicode

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