The app works on Android devices and extends the functionality of an ERP in operational areas. ExtendPro integrates barcode and mobile technologies, giving the user direct access to the necessary information and assisting him in successfully performing his tasks and saving the related data in ERP. In order to take advantage of all the functionalities, it runs on Honeywell devices with a barcode scanner embedded.


Project Highlights

We had to rebuild and improve the old version of IM (Inventory Management) and SFA (Sales Force Automation) mobile apps based on Logicode specifications: UI/UX design, architecture, workflow and functionalities. The new version had to:

  • be Android native (the original one was written on a cross platform solution, Xamarin)
  • include Material Design components
  • scan barcodes using Honeywell SDK
  • print barcode labels on Honeywell printers
  • print documents (invoice, packing list, receipts, orders, etc.) on Honeywell mobile printers
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02Our Work

We were responsible for writing the Android app from scratch, having a close relationship with the client which involved exchanging feedback and suggestions multiple times over the development stage. ExtendPro Android App includes features like

  • Data protection (users must authenticate and check device licence)
  • Dynamic back-end configuration
  • Data synchronization
  • Data processing
  • Integration with a Honeywell Scanning SDK and a printer
  • Process data and upload the results back to the server.

On the backend side, we worked on creating new features/services and we also refactored some of the functionality that was already implemented. This includes REST services and some Web development (both front end and back end).

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The Result

ExtendPro has helped multiple businesses so far to be more productive, by

  • reducing the time of delivery picking up
  • having real time access to their article stocks
  • updating the inventory in real time and having access to accurate data
  • reduced human error while registering and adding new products into the system, due to the process of scanning.

    The owner of the app, Logicode, is continuously working on adding new features and improving the product, so if you think this product can help your business, keep an eye on it.

  • Long-term business relationships are built only through partnership approaches. It’s a pleasure to work with the Ithuba team because they share many of the same attributes that we value at Logicode: to make available to our customers the best products, to be constantly close to the needs of our clients, to provide adequate solutions, to be a solid team of professionals. I can say about Ithuba that they are a PARTNER.

    Marinau Alin

    Marinau Alin

    Head of Sales&Marketing, Logicode

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