Bookingham is a new online booking application, but also an advertising platform. The product aims to simplify the processes of collecting and managing reservations or appointments and to significantly reduce the administration costs of online marketing campaigns.

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Project Highlights



With Bookingham you can make an appointment with a doctor, a lawyer, a beauty salon, or just book a table at your favourite restaurant or cafe, in just a few steps.
Moreover, you can discover and take advantage of discounts and business offers, from happy hours to bars, special promotions at restaurants to discounts at beauty salons or promotional packages at the dentist.

The businesses can manage their bookings/reservations directly from the app in real time, see user booking history (number of cancelations, no shows, rate of bookings confirmed), manage tables or service providers, add special offers, filter bookings by status, request COVID-19 form for each booking, or see daily/weekly/monthly statistics of how their business is performing.



Our Work


We worked very closely with Bookingham’s design and back-end team from the beginning and we were responsible for firstly developing a prototype on Android, and then turning that app into a ready-to-launch product. 

We developed the Android app from skretch (client and Business app), implementing an easy to scale architecture. 

The main features for the client app are the following:

  • Secure authentification
  • Data synchronization with the backend
  • Ability to discover, search and filter businesses
  • Ability to book a table/make an appointment at a specialist
  • Real time push notification with updates about booking status changes
  • Book and take advantage of special offers
  • Bookings history 
On the other side, for the business app, we had to implement the following:
  • Dashboard with real time updating bookings list
  • Calendar View with bookings
  • Ability to see client’s details (+ client booking history and Covid19 form results, where applied)
  • Ability to filter bookings by status or by service provider
  • Easy and quick way to accept/decline bookings
  • Ability to add a booking for a user
  • Special offers Management
  • Digital Marketing Requests
  • Business Profile management
  • Tables Management/Service providers management
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly data statistics

 In Progress:

  • Login with Facebook/Google
  • Subscriptions & Online payments
  • Smart notifications (based on user’s preferences)
  • .. and more

Give it a try. We have a feeling that you'll love it!


The Result

Bookingham is a very handy tool that lets you make a reservation very simple, discover new businesses and take advantage of special offers.

On the business side, this application is suitable for any business or entrepreneur who wants a boost of customer base and exposure.
If you have any type of business that accepts reservations or appointments, request a free demo to discover how Bookingham can help you manage and promote your business efficiently by pressing the button below!

I’ve worked together with Gabriel on developing the mobile apps for the Bookingham platform where I worked on the API component. I can honestly recommend him for his client-oriented mindset, always trying to drive the applications to be user-friendly and with real added value. He was also on top of the technical challenges that came along with integrating the different technologies, platforms and our chosen deployment model.

Adrian Borz

Adrian Borz

Co-Founder, Bookingham

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