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Our vision on partnership

We strongly believe that ambitious projects need many skilful people in order to bring the vision to reality. We're here to do our part.

In the last years, we've had the pleasure to collaborate with ambitious entrepreneurs and also well established businesses that wanted to innovate.
We're always looking to work with these kind of people!

You might identify yourself as one of them or may know someone who wants to build the next big thing on mobile. Either way, why not get us together?


Types of partnership

1. White Label Partnership

In this type of partnership, we’re going to take the ‘extension of the in-house team’ approach, by becoming your own mobile development team. This is the most suitable approach when you want the product to be 100% branded with your company’s identity, while our name will not appear anywhere in the product or communication with the final client.

You will have full control and transparency over the development team, be up to date with the progress and on top of that, you’ll be able to manage the project’s budget directly with the end client.

2. Referral Partnership

This type of partnership takes only a one time involvement from your side, where you’ll be an intermediary between us and the final client. Let’s say you know someone that might need help in order develop their software product, and you also think that we’re a good fit for them. Tell them about us, and if we’re a good fit and we close the deal, you’ll get a one time commission base on the value of the project. As simple as that!

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